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Standby Generators


Standby Generators or Emergency Power Generators.

When thinking of purchasing a standby generator for your home or business there are a number of key decisions that should influence your decision. Here we give you our top 6 tips.

Diesel Engine

Choose a recognised brand name. To help ensure reliability and longevity with your investment a recognised industrial engine such as Perkins, Cummins, John Deere, Mitsubishi, Doosan will ensure the heart of your emergency power solution is from proven technology. Further more parts are easily sourced and servicing costs cheaper.


Much like the reason for the choice of engine, again choose a recognised brand name. companies like Stamford, Mecc-Alte, Marelli and Leroy Somer are names that spring to mind. These companies have been investing and developing their products for decades. This tends to result in a superior quality product in terms of performance and longevity. High IP (Ingress Penetration) ratings ensure the alternator is resistant to moisture damage.

Control Panel

The generator will need an Auto Control if you need the generator to start Automatically. Many generators come with a standard manual start control panel, which can still be used for back-up power however will not start automatically. Brands like DSE auto control are the market leaders in control panel design.


Most standby generators purchased these days are in acoustic canopies. These are usually galvanised steel boxes that are lined with acoustic lining to reduce sound and provide security and safety to employees and the public. With a quality canopy comes a low DBA (noise rating) a necessity for a growing number of businesses.

Key Accessories

Battery Trickle Charger keeps the battery at optimum, ready for that cold winter morning cranking a must for any standby machine. Likewise a in line Water Heater ensures the temperature inside the engine is optimised for starting in cold weather.


Make sure the company provides a full warranty. This should be backed up with an infrastructure that provides expert advice, trained engineers and a trading history.

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