A Devon diesel generator service today in a spectacular location. High up on a hill, overlooking the river Exe and the valley below on a perfect sunny October afternoon.

Our Off-Grid customer has an interesting set up with 10KW of solar power, together with battery storage and inverter. All backed up with a single phase 10KW diesel generator. Very efficient set up, providing all the power needed for this special place that provides respite-care.

Diesel Generator Service Devon


TGSASCO plan a regular visit to this site where in our pre check we look at the coolant for quantity and quality. We also make sure their is sufficient oil. We then run the generator for approximately 30 minutes to get the generator up to operating temperature. Once the generator is at working temperature we check for any fluid leaks and monitor the engine performance regarding temperature and oil pressure levels. Other checks are made at this stage including battery charging, Hertz and Voltage.

Devon Diesel Generator Service

Devon Diesel Generator Service

Once these checks are made all necessary filters are replaced, fluids changed and topped up where necessary. Post-service, the generator is again run up to temperature and the same checks carried out as pre-service. At this stage we can relax, enjoy the kind coffee provided by the customer and take in the stunning views.

For further information on The Generator Sales and Servicing Company and it’s procedures and pricing: https://www.generatorsas.co.uk/servicing/

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