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Cummins Generators utilising Cummins diesel engine technology the “go-to” supplier for some of the world’s leading heavy duty equipment manufacturers. Known for diesel engines that deliver optimum performance in the toughest of environments and a global parts and service network. Engines are designed to optimize fuel economy and exceed the increasing demand for global emission standards.
Their durability and performance have been refined through decades of research and development and the technology proven with use in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Cummins diesel engines are recognised as one of the world’s best when it comes to power generation and with their focus on engine technology and proven reliability continue to be a dominant supplier of diesel engines to the power generation industry.
All our diesel generators come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. Delivery available at competitive rates
Listed below are our Cummins products available from stock, other sizes and specifications generators are available with short lead times please contact us for further information:

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