Standby Power Generators

Standby Power Generators also know as Backup Power Generators, designed for Emergency Power as a result of mains power failure. These diesel powered generators are equipped with Automatic Control Panels that monitor the mains supply. When a mains failure occurs the generator starts automatically energising the contactors in the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) allowing transfer of load from mains to generator. Likewise when mains power returns the generator returns shuts down, de-energising the ATS contactors and allowing the transfer of load back to mains supply. Generator then returns to Automatic Mains Failure Monitoring Mode. Alternatively these generators can be used without an ATS and started/stopped manually additionally the transfer switch would be operated manually. As these generators are only used occasionally, as mains failure shouldn’t be a regular event, standby generators should be equipped with battery chargers and engine water heaters as standard. These allow firstly the generators 12v/24v battery to be at it’s optimum and ready for cranking the diesel engine and in case of the water heater the engine to be at the desired temperature to start, particularly important during cold weather. These two key components are supplied by 230v from the same mains supply to the automatic control panel.

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